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Check out the new Carolina Hoofprints logo above!!!  After several years of struggling to find just the right logo, finally it's here.  Many thanks for the efforts of Riby Hollar, a commercial art student at CVCC and Lori Holt, a professional graphic artist.  They have done a great job and we are delighted to show it off. 


Carolina Hoofprints


1454 Houston Mill Road
Conover, NC  28613
(828) 256-2707
 Executive Director:  Liz Jaynes
Chair:  Sarah Cushman
Vice Chair/Treasurer:  Marisa Wallace
Secretary: Nobia Summer
Board members:
Rand Cushman, Ken Summer


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In order to support our programs and activities, CAROLINA HOOFPRINTS engages in a number of fundraising activities.  We operate on a minimal administrative budget dedicating 95% of our funds directly to our programs and client services.  With the exception of small grants dedicated to program development, we are totally dependent on our fundraising projects such as the Cowboy Cookout-2010, yard sales, horseshows, and raffles- along with community donations to support our programs.
We accept gifts and donations in any amount and are happy to provide a certificate or gift card in recognition of any gift made in honor or memorial of someone special.  These cards are a great choice when shopping for someone who has everything.  How do you put a price on happiness??? To donate to our programs, contribute to a scholarship fund or sponsor a rider, 
contact our executive director, Liz Jaynes.
Are you interested in 
volunteering your time or skillset?  We are always willing to discuss what anyone can contribute to our program and there is always plenty to do.  Volunteer possibilities range from direct work with the horses, to working at an event, minor construction/repair, working with the trail, art work, networking in the community, and numerous other things that need to be done to keep our program running smoothly and growing.


Riders on the trail


Carolina Hoofprints is completely dependent on local fundraising and individual donations to support programs and events.

This spring we hope to sponsor an open barn event with a sheltered horse show for local riders of all abilities at Jake's Flat Farm.  Watch for information about this event in the upcoming month.  If you are interested in sponsoring a rider, class or event for this show either as a business donation or personal contribution, please contact Liz to make arrangements.  All funds raised will be used to sponsor program riders and summer campers.

The Pony Palooza at Shell's Barbeque on Saturday, April 6, 2013 was a big success.  Ponies were on site all day and we met lots of new friends.   The Pony Palooza is a fundraiser for Carolina Hoofprints to support their therapeutic riding program and SUMMER HORSECAMPS.

We are proud to announce that REBECCA WOODS is the winner of the raffle and she can pick up her prize at Jake's Flat Farm at her convenience.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers and supporters who made this happen.  It was a wonderful day and required a lot of hard work from many people.  Thanks to everyone who supported Carolina Hoofprints and a special thank you to Lisa and Bee Watts at Shells Barbeque for hosting the Pony Palooza and being such generous supporters of our program.



Carolina HoofPrints currently contracts with Jake's Flat Farm to provide horses and facility for our therapeutic riding program.  We offer individual and group riding lessons.  We are in the process of certifying our riding instructor with NARHA and creating a program that complies with NARHA standards with the eventual goal of becoming a NARHA Premier center.

Our program is open to people of all ages regardless of ability. Lesson fees vary according to a sliding scale as indicated on our application posted on the 
Forms and documents page.  Some scholarship funds and sponsorships are available and are awarded with board approval in a blind process.  Applications are available on the Forms and documents page.  Therapeutic riding lessons are not covered by insurance.  However, for sessions requiring the expertise of a physical therapist,occupational therapist,   or other professional service recognized by insurance, insurance could be billed for their service seperately.  For more information regarding specific needs or to make arrangements to visit our program, contact our executive director.


Carolina Hoofprints contracts with Jake's Flat Farm to provide summer camps to children regardless of ability. 
These camps are weeklong camps for ages 4 to 13 years. 

Currently we offer three themed camps:

  • Rockstarz-n-Divaz- a horse show themed camp where showing off is the thing we do.  This camp focuses on basic horsemanship skills, grooming, elementary showring skills, and generally having fun.  All camps have an element of social development.  For Rockstarz-n-Divaz, this element is sportsmanship and performance.  Children learn how to showcase their own gifts and developments while remaining sensitive and generous with others.  In this camp, we find that campers learn to support each other and develop bonds and skills that reach outside of camp.  The camp ends on friday night with a "silly horse show" where campers are able to strut their stuff for friends and family.
  • Ruffin'It- is our trail and outdoor themed camp.  This camp focuses on an appreciation of nature while learning basic horsemanship and trail riding skills.  Campers spend time in the woods on the therapeutic trail both hiking and riding.  They learn basic trail and map skills along with elementary survival and practical outdoor skills.  The social element of this camp is teamwork with a group problem solving and leadership skills development.  Campers strengthen their communication and observational skills which are then applied to the activities at hand.  The camp ends on friday with an open barn/campfire and demonstration.
  • Born in the Barn- is a barn themed camp.  Just as the name suggests, this camp is all about the barn and horse care.  For those kids who wish to learn more about horse care and the management of a stall, or barn this is it.  This camp will include some basic riding just for fun but will focus on basic horsemanship skills and care.  The social element addressed in this camp is responsibility and organization.  Children will learn a variety of skills including tack care, minor construction and repair,  basic stable routines, hygiene, etiquette and lots of horse interaction.  This camp will close on friday with an open barn and reception for family and friends where campers can showcase their stall and horse.
Carolina HoofPrints is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to provide therapeutic riding opportunities in the Catawba Valley area of North Carolina to individuals of all ages and abilities.

 Carolina HoofPrints was established in  2008 as a non-profit organization and achieved 501c3 status in 2009.  As a small organization, any funding is used directly in program activities to benefit clients with administrative costs being held to a minimum.  Currently, our web present is being donated as space on the Jake's Flat Farm website rather than utilizing funding to support a seperate site.

We are located in Conover, North Carolina near Hickory, NC and the Catawba Valley-NC Foothills
1454 Houston Mill Road, Conover, NC  28613 
Phone  828-256-2707