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A variety of Equine Assisted Activities are available at Jake's Flat Farm.  We invite you to explore our descriptions and examples of what we have to offer then contact us to discuss the therapy or activity that would best meet your needs and goals.  Because we are ethically bound to protect client privacy, the examples below do not depict actual clients of Jake's Flat Farm but we feel provide a realistic depiction of the therapy modality we offer. 


Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) activities at Jake's Flat Farm are based on the EAGALA modality using an EAGALA certified mental health professional, a horse specialist, and horses from our herd to create a treatment/teaching team.  These activities as depicted on the videos to the left, are designed to teach desired skills such as communication, team work, problem solving, etc as the participants learn skills working with the horses.  These activities are experiential in nature, making them attractive to children and adolescents.  EAL activities are frequently used in workshops for organizations, schools, and corporations wishing to improve leadership and teamwork for employees.

 Equine Assisted Psychotherapy activities that are facilitated at Jake's Flat Farm by a three member treatment team consisting of an EAGALA certified level 1 Mental Health Professional, a horse specialist, and one or more of the horses from our herd.  In this modality, clients are challenged to explore  personal beliefs, problem solving strategies, behavior systems and other factors in their lives as they interact with our horses.  The EAGALA modality of EAP is especially effective with children and adolescents due to the opportunity for movement and physical interaction rather than the dependence on dialogue of traditional counseling.  Sometimes EAP activities take the form of games or challenges involving horses.  Sometimes the activity that is a metaphor for a life theme such as "life's little obstacles" in which the activity requires navigating a horse through an obstacle course that represents challenges in one's life.

Horse Therapy at Jake's Flat Farm is usually Equine Assisted Therapy.  This work involves interaction with horses which may be mounted or on the ground that provides a platform for a therapuetic exchange between client and a mental health professional usually in the form of dialogue.  Working with a horse or pony provides opportunities for movement and novel experiences which allow many children and adolescents opportunities for interactions not possible in a traditional office setting.  Often, these experiences allow clients to gain self confidence, and a sense of independence as they develop communication, problem solving, and physical dexterity.   Horse therapy is sometimes more effective with children and people who have underdeveloped language skills because dialogue becomes less important to the interaction.  People with disabilities such as autism, asbergers, Attention Deficit, and mental disabilities often make great gains when participating in horse therapy.  The video above portrays one child's experience with horse therapy.
We are located in Conover, North Carolina near Hickory, NC and the Catawba Valley-NC Foothills
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